Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Top 10 TV Characters In A Supporting Role

The 2008-2009 television season featured many memorable television characters. Here is a list of the Top 10 television characters in a supporting role: 1. Frank the Doorman, 2. Jesse Pinkman, 3. Betty Draper, 4. Vince Masuka, 5. Sarah Krajicek-Hunter, 6. Kenneth the Page, 7. Kelly Kapoor, 8. John Munch, 9. Sarah Walker, 10. Charles Montgomery Burns. How many of these characters do you recognize? Test your television IQ. A score of 10: Genius; 8 to 10: Very Smart; 6 to 8: Smart; 3 to 5: Average; 1 to 2: Below Average. Bonus Quiz- A series regular will be killed off of Law & Order: SVU at the end of the season. Guess which one.


  1. I got 7, so I am smart! Missed 4,7, and 10. Are you going to put the answers up tomorrow? I am guessing John Munch will be leaving, because he gets around!

  2. 6 1/2 don't know 2,4,5 and 8 is Richard Belzer played Munch but can't remember the show.....brain block! Or might be time for a glass of wine..... :o)

  3. I got all 10. This is an open book test, isn't it? Guess which character gets the most hits on Google?