Thursday, April 30, 2009

Shortage of Hand Sanitizer!

This morning I was driving down Ventura Boulevard looking for hand sanitizer. It looks like the swine flu epidemic has caused panic in Sherman Oaks. There seems to be a shortage of hand sanitizer. I hit every supermarket, drug store, and specialty shop, and I came away empty-handed. However, not everyone is worried. In line at Starbucks, the economy seemed to be the issue of the day, although the lady in front of me was keeping her distance in case I sneezed. I overheard her saying that she's cutting back on her vacation to Disney World, but for now she'll continue buying her daily "double half-calf cappuccino, extra foam". A reader in Hoboken, N.Y. wrote that he was worried about health care because he was laid off and lost his health insurance. "I've quit going to the doctor. It's just too expensive." Hopefully he doesn't come down with the swine flu. There are many other issues on the minds of the American people. Dan Hanchey wrote yesterday in his column at that he's stockpiling ammunition because he's worried that the Obama administration is "working on passing legislation that would require governmental registration of every bullet and shotgun shell, knowing full well that guns do not work without ammo, and enabling confiscation of every gun and bullet at some point and time in the future." He continued his idiotic rant by saying, "Take away law-abiding citizens' guns and ammunition and the only persons with guns and ammo will then be the military and the crooks." And Dan Hanchey. Even though there are lots of whack jobs out there like Mr. Hanchey, most people are distracted today by the news of the swine flu. The shortage of hand sanitizer is a big indication of this. People have been stockpiling hand sanitizer and that is not a good sign. But there's a national shortage of ammunition and that's an even bigger problem. People are getting ready to protect themselves for when all hell breaks loose.


  1. I saw a squirrel putting Purell on its nuts.

  2. That's just nuts, if you ask me. At least he'll have enough Purell squirreled away for the summer.

  3. I saw a set of headphones on a Camel cigarette.