Thursday, November 19, 2009

Chapter Three

Elvin Perelli walked out the front door to look at his new car. Elvin was very proud of his investment, a bright, shiny Lexus with a leather interior...with a lease that in about a year-and-a-half he wouldn't be able to afford. But for now, he was happy with his life: new house, new car, new wife, and twins on the way. A two-car garage was his boyhood dream. And he was in the “business” -- location manager for the hit Saturday morning kids' show “Fillmore High School, U.S.A.”. Now he had it all.

Things change. People change. But 250 pounds is a lot for a 5-foot-4 Jewish schmuck from Encino to carry around. At 45, his doctor told him to lose about 100 pounds and quit smoking, or he only had about six months of quality life to look forward to.

“How about a triple bypass, emphysema, lung cancer, and an aneurysm -- most likely resulting in a coma,” said Dr. Sanderson, the cardiologist.

“Sure. That's easy for you to say. You're making six hundred dollars an hour,” said Elvin.

“In my professional opinion, money has nothing to do with it,” the doctor replied.

“Stick the money up your ass. And your 2008 Jaguar XKR Convertible, too,” said the fat man.

“Take two aspirin, and call me in three months,” came the reply.

Back on the home front, Melissa was baking cookies and whistling “The Sound of Music”, while Jerry Springer was scolding a guest in the background. The sounds of children playing next door gave the happy housewife a sense of community. Ten years younger than her husband, she was just happy to be married. Her looks left a little to be desired, if you get the picture, and she wasn't a hundred percent upstairs. But she got her man, Elvin Perelli, all 250 pounds of him. And she wanted to have those cookies ready when he arrived...which would be any minute.

Guess what? A brand new Lexus just pulled into the driveway, screeching to a halt. Mrs. Perelli looked out the window and saw Elvin squeeze out of the driver side. She smiled. She was living the American dream.


  1. The American dream, eh? A cautionary tale for our time.

  2. Hey Paul, you haven't lost your delicate sense of humor. Welcome back!

  3. Dr. Sanderson reminds me of my doctor. Is this fiction or non-fiction?

  4. This makes a good case for health care reform.

  5. This is a story that doctors don't want you to read. The health care bill passed the House, but the Senate is asking for too many concessions. The watered-down result may not go far enough.

  6. good story during the health reform debate... jewish guy with italian name- very funny... thanks for taking a satircal look at the subject... maybe if more people weren't so serious and paid more attention to the real issues, we wouldn't be in such a bad situation, economically... thanks again and keep writing, paul.

  7. Paul Solomon, it's good to have you back. Funny stuff. I always enjoy reading what you write!

  8. His mother must be Jewish.

  9. oy gevalt.. what that guy needs is a liquid diet, give him some hot chicken soup :o)

  10. Hi Paul,
    Just wanted to stop by to say..."Happy Holidays" and my wish for you in the coming year is that it will be overflowing with new and wonderful accomplishments.

    Best Regards,

  11. Obesity is a major problem these days. We are the richest country and the fattest. Along with smokers, these people are running up medical bills like crazy. It doesn't help when a tylenol costs $140 in a hospital. There's no reason reform can't save some money. The American Dream is out of reach for more and more people.

    By the way, Elvin was driving a Lexus. It was involved in the Toyota recall. This guy is really living dangerously. Ironically, he doesn't have long to live, so he won't be draining Social Security and Medicare.