Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Ernie Johnson Weighs In On Joe Jackson

A few days after Michael Jackson died, his father Joe was smiling and waving to the crowds outside his Encino home while promoting his new record label. Now he's got a new act: "The Jackson 3". He's talking about Michael's kids.

On Monday, Joe Jackson, was interviewed by the UK's The Sun. The Paul Solomon article on Monday gave a rundown of the situation, and it elicited a strong response from our readers.

Below is a comment from our long-time reader Ernie Johnson, who doesn't pull any punches:

"How much longer do we have to endure the non-stop Michael Jackson circus? Yes, he was killed by a representative of the insurance company because he was worth more dead than alive. Yes, his father beat him as a child and that turned him into the pedophile freak that he became. Yes, he had a pet chimp, whom he taught to moon walk. Yes, he outbid Paul McCartney for the Beatles catalog. Yes, he had three kids who weren't biologically his (nor his "wife's"). So now you're telling us that ol' Joe is going to teach Paris, Prince, and little Blanket how to sing and dance, and beat them with a coat hanger until they learn their steps? Blah, blah, [expletive deleted] blah. Enough already! I'll wait until the movie comes out on Blu-ray".

No stranger to controversy, Ernie's stream-of-consciousness rant was in questionable taste, a fact that our readers either missed, or didn't want to comment on. Or maybe some of them agreed with Ernie. Is this what people are thinking but are afraid to say? There were other comments:

Our long-time reader and commentator Marc got the wrong Joe Jackson, but as is his style, he may have been trying to make a point: "I liked Joe Jackson much better when he was putting out edgy New Wave songs like 'Is She Really Going Out With Him' and 'Steppin' Out'. His new stuff really creeps me out," Marc said, referring to the singer of the same name, who hit his peak in the 1970s and 1980s.

Johnny G. responded to Marc: "I think what Marc is saying is that Joe Jackson the singer is getting a bad name from Joe Jackson the child-beater," he said, then got back on the real subject of today's what-the-heck-is-going-on news. "Michael's dad is making an idiot out of himself, and when I heard Joe's wife Katherine was getting custody, it made me wonder what was going on. Now I'm hearing that Joe is separated from his wife, so hopefully he won't be allowed to have anything with them. As for the 'Jackson 3', I don't see how anybody in charge of the kids' welfare would agree to this. But when you're talking about the amount of money to be made, anything can happen."

Don Powell said it best: "Joe Jackson should be kept as far away from these children as possible. He's a total nut case."


  1. You're right. Ernie Johnson doesn't pull any punches. And I totally agree with Don Powell. Keep the kids away from this nut case!

  2. You bet it was in questionable taste. Ernie Johnson referred to Michael Jackson: "The pedophile freak that he became.

    Ugly remark about something not proven. Very bad taste.

  3. I admit that while Ernie Johnson's comment was in questionable taste, unfortunately it's what a lot of people think. Unfortunately, we never got to know exactly what transpired as far as Jackson's legal problems with young boys, because in the first instance he paid the kid off at around $20 million, and in the next case he was found not guilty, but the bell had already been rung. Unforfortunately, in this country, the bigger a celebrity you are, the more chance that people will believe the worst. Thankfully, the country and the world as a whole are looking at the good that Michael contributed to the music world, and not the odd behavior that he became known for. Everyone has a right to their opinion, but I agree with Carol, especially now that he's dead, comments like these are in bad taste. Then again, we live in a free country, so I guess you can say whatever you want. In the long run, the musical legacy will win out.

  4. Ernie should have his own blog.

  5. Granted, calling Michael a pedophile was in bad taste, but the "freak" part has been well documented.

  6. I agree, Ernie should have his own blog. Or a show on Fox News Channel.